JIG for installation of inset lights

In order to meet the recommendations FAA AC 150/5340-4C, JDC has developed and manufactured a special JIG for the installation of inset light.

Composition of the JIG

  - a rigid frame including
  3 setting screws for leveling
  2 level gauges   xx and yy axis
  1 screw threaded nipple for fixing the positioning telescope
  1 base - plate with fixing screws for positioning the shallow base
  - A telescope mounted on a precision swiveling support

JIGs and telescopes have to be calibrated every 12 months)

1.Procedure for calibration of the telescopes:
A random chosen JIG is positioned on the reference-shallow base. Each of the telescopes, individually numbered is mounted  on the JIG. The correct alignment of the telescopes is; checked by aiming points, set forth by a certified surveyor, on the front and the rear of the base (180° turning). When the setting is finished, the protection cover of the setting screws are sealed to prevent any uncontrolled handling during installation works. :

2. Procedure for calibration of the JIGs :
Each of the JIGs, individually numbered is mounted on the reference shallow base. A calibrated telescope is mounted on the JIG for the measurement of two points, set out by a certified surveyor, one on the front and one on the rear (180°) of the reference shallow base. The measurements in +/- expressed in mm and ° compared to the reference points are noted on the calibration sheet of each JIG. A maximum  deviation of +/- 0.5 ° is allowed.
All JIGs having a deviation above the tolerance are marked up “OUT OF ORDER” and send back to the workshop for adjustment. After return from the workshop, a new calibration as above will be carried out. The accepted JIGs are marked up “OK FOR USE”, the calibration sheet is validated.

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